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Facetime is an apple to apple video calling application enabled by 3G and 4G. 3G (third generation) to 4G (fourth generation) as referred by UTI (International Telecommunication Union) offering more services and technology adaptations to advance telecommunication gadgetry. Faster data transmission made possible along with accessible coverage. Looking back 1G can be referred as the basic telephone, digital function upgrade can be regarded as 2G, now imagine putting a foot forward and adding broadband services, this is 3G. A more advance option almost ten times transmission and digital broadband capacity is 4G, extremely powerful. Made feasible by HSPA (High Speed packet Access), LTE (Long Term Evolution) and WiMax Technology (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). 4G enabled handsets save time providing accurate service by minimizing data loss. This technology allows video, photo and audio streaming while travelling. Emailing and surfing capabilities are likewise provided by these phones.
Unique web application to Iphone is Facetime, operable with 3G and IOS 6 operating system. Facetime iphone 3gs apps can be run on older IOS version via Wifi connection. This application is one of the key selling points of Iphone 4th generation phones. This application utilizes three megabytes of data per call, some providers charge as low as $.99 to $1.5 per megabyte. Using Facetime doesn�t require you to register an apple ID; an email can be assigned on various apple devices. Registering an apple ID has benefit; it allows the user to further access information and data stored on the phone via, Apple Store, ITunes store and other vital information. Furthermore an apple ID allows users of IOS 5 to designate calls via emails. Multiple Apple Id�s can also be used in one device accessing App stores and any added emails must be first before verified by Apple to be used just like signing on with any web applications/programs. Calls placed using the same e-mail is not possible with this application. best nexus apps

Facetime is an Iphone default application. This application ran separately on Itouch and Ipad devices. As long as there is steady connection you can freely accommodate incoming calls from other facetime users. Facetime is prompted by choosing a contact on your address book, making it necessary to save the Facetime number or email on your address book before executing a call. Calls are initiated via the Facetime call button beneath the contact number. Phone calls on Iphones are convertible to facetime calls even in the middle of a conversation. Missed calls on Facetime can be seen with a badge display over the Facetime icon. free galaxy games download

Facetime for Iphone provides clear video and audio output; users have nothing but exemplary reviews for Facetime comparing it with PC based communication services (Skype) though limits are set on which platform this application can be used on. Facetime enables you to do direct video calls saving on batteries. Open source communication tools on the net, using Facetime is rather convenient for people on the go, Workers on assignment and Online meetings. Audio transcription is more feasible as well as saving time setting-up. (Source:,,, download iphone 3gs apps

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